The Art of Observation, Reading the Room and Your Students Energy

It is our responsibility as teachers to create a safe, nurturing environment as we encourage our students to explore, be curious about their body and connect to themselves in a deeper way through yoga, mindfulness and pranayama.


Understanding how to observe your students, read the room, the collective group or your private clients energy will help you teach to what is genuinely needed in that moment, and to honor the needs of your students. 


You have the opportunity of creating a unique experience for your students.

Teaching is both an art and a science and learning to customize your teaching is a skill that will serve you well.

Building this ‘observation eye’ takes time, practice, trust and understanding what is it to look.

In this episode:

- What to look for when reading the room and your students

-Tips to adapt your teaching in the moment

-How understanding trauma helps you read the needs of your students




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