Yogipreneur School


A conscious business program for yoga teachers





Yogipreneur School is an online program designed to help you bring your vision to reality, fill in the entrepreneurial gaps, learn the right skills and take the next steps to create a thriving yoga business.




Expand your offerings, elevate your income and thrive as a yoga teacher!


When you become a yoga teacher, no one really tells you that you also become an entrepreneur... IF you’re trying to make a solid income without teaching 15-25 yoga classes per week.

Have you experienced teacher burnout yet?

Or do you have a second job just so you can do what you love, but you want to teach yoga full time?

Or are you a new teacher trying to figure out HOW to build your yoga brand and business?

It’s time to learn all of the proper tools, skills and steps to build your yoga business.

Do You...

  • Want to become a full time yoga teacher so you can wake up every day doing what you truly love?
  • Want to be a part time teacher... teaching on your terms with a schedule you enjoy?
  • Want a flexible schedule that you design and LOVE?
  • Want to make a sustainable income beyond $25-$50 per class?
  • Want to create a limitless income where you get to decide how much you earn?
  • Want to work for yourself?
  • Want to leave the studio/gym hustle and grind? (The one where you drive around teaching one class after the other while eating in your car... been there, done that!)
  • Have an idea for your yoga brand and business, but you aren’t sure how to execute it?
  • Want to build an online yoga business and work from home, or from anywhere in the world?
  • Want to create a teacher training, workshop, retreat, event or yoga program of any sort, but you aren’t sure how to create it and launch it?
  • Do you want to build a successful private client business and quadruple your income?

If you answered YES to any of the above…

Then it's time to jump in and become a YOGIPRENEUR so you can do what you do best and love the most…TEACH YOGA.


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I've created and successfully launched 200 hour yoga teacher training programs, yoga retreats, continuing educations programs for teachers and workshops for yoga students and yoga teachers. I will give you the exact roadmap I use to help you create your unique offering, along with ALL of the behind the scenes details that you need to grow your business, impact and income.

Yogipreneur School is not your standard business yoga program.

It's a conscious business program for yoga teachers.

This means you will massively grow as a person. I truly believe that we cannot grow an aligned business without tapping into the subconscious parts of ourselves.

You will dive DEEP into yourself, your mindset, your fears and you'll uncover limiting beliefs that have kept you playing it safe and that hold you back from really going for your vision.


Join a like-minded community of yoga teachers who are ready to grow, step fully into their greatest potential and expand their impact, income and offerings!


I know just how challenging it can be to create a new offering or program. You'll have me in your corner during this program (and after) helping to hold you accountable to your vision, goals and dreams.


You don't have to do this alone. Building a business is no easy thing, and I'm here to show you the exact steps I've taken to grow my business, my community and income as a yoga teacher. 

"Discovering Taylor has been a huge gift in my yoga business journey. Her spirit and sincerity are reassuring. I am still very new to teaching. Creating my own business can be overwhelming and confusing. The value of her training has already paid dividends – not only financially, but in confidence, perseverance, and believing that you have something worthwhile to share in the yoga community.

The guidance and wisdom Taylor provides is amazing and should not be missed. I am excited to continue reaching out to Taylor as a mentor as I continue to develop my 'yogipreneurship' through her training opportunities!”


~ Kris Anderson


Jump in with me!


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