15 Tips to Gain Confidence as a New Yoga Teacher - Part 1 with the First 6 Tips - Episode 14

Part 1 - The MOST common thing I see, hear and chat about with yoga teachers and especially brand new yoga teachers is all about......

Not feeling confident.

Building confidence as a yoga teacher takes time, being patient and lots of practice!

In this episode I cover:

  • The first 6 tips (out of 15) to help you bust through mental blocks and step confidently into yourself as a yoga teacher

#1 Fill in the gaps - learn what you need to strengthen your skills in the areas you don’t feel as strong in

#2 - Say YES to as many teaching opportunities as possible. You do NOT start confident, you gain confidence by showing up and doing it over and over and over.
#3 - Fake it til you make it - do the exact opposite of what your ‘scared, fearful’ self tells you to do.
#4 Don’t believe your thoughts - YOU are not your thoughts. You thoughts are not real. They are only trying to keep you safe.
#5 Create a self practice at home - being able to guide yourself through your own practice is crucial as a teacher. If you can’t guide yourself…how can you truly guide others? Get on your mat and let yourself move without limits.
#6 Embody what you teach - Practice your class, sequence and drop into yourself. Connect with your theme if you have one. You’ll show up embodying the practice and it’ll flow out of you beautifully.
Check out the next episode for part 2 which covers the last 9 tips!

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