Raise Your Vibration and Work Through Limiting Beliefs

Everything is energy...the way we show up for ourselves and others, the beliefs and stories we tell ourselves all create our reality.

As I’ve stepped further into my purpose as a yoga teacher, facilitator and space holder, I’ve continuously been faced with my own limiting beliefs and stories that have kept me safe and comfortable. As I learn about my blindspots, shed layers and do my inner work...magical things happen in my life and my business.

Part of this has to do with actively and consciously raising my vibration and energetic frequency to expand into my next layer.

I fully believe that business IS spiritual. Growing a yoga business and teaching yoga brings up many insecurities, which allows us the opportunity to work through our stories and grow.

In this episode:

-Different practices to raise your vibration

-How to recognize your limiting beliefs and stories, different ways to work through them and expand into your next level you

Yoga teacher….YOU are needed now more than ever. The world is experiencing a collective trauma and this couldn’t be a better time for you to learn about how trauma-informed yoga can help your community.


YES! I'm so excited to share all the goodies with you!