Resolving Trauma Through Somatic and Energetic Practices with Carah Elizabeth

Carah and I had such a powerful conversation based on the work she does in the world helping women heal from trauma, connect to themselves in a deeper way and live a life of freedom!

In this episode:

-Trauma and how to resolve trauma to find freedom

-Somatic, yogic and energetic practices to reconnect with the wisdom of the body

-Carah’s personal story transitioning from 15 years as a therapist, to now starting her own coaching practice called Body Wisdom Coaching

-And so much more!

About Carah 

“I obtained my Master of Arts Degree in Professional Counseling and have trained with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and the International Association of Trauma Professionals. As well as trained to become a Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Nidra & Second Degree Reiki Healer. I believe it’s important to integrate body-mind-spirit into my work with you to assist you in finding your way back to your true self and meeting your highest potential, in all areas of your life.” 

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