Is Your Self-Worth Centered in the Numbers and Feedback From Your Yoga Students? - Episode 16

As yoga teachers….we all know about the importance of Non-Attachment (Aparigraha) the last Yama of the 8 Limbs. We most likely talk about it with our yoga students, theme a class around it and do our best to practice it ourselves.


How about practicing non-attachment when it comes to receiving feedback (positive or negative) from your students? Do you crave positive reinforcement after class because it makes you feel good enough? Or if you receive negative/constructive feedback does it spiral you into believing you aren’t good enough?


Do you think a ‘full’ yoga class means your a good teacher? And an empty class means you aren’t?

It is SO easy to become attached to all of the above as a yoga teacher.


In this episode I chat about:

  • Practicing non-attachment as a yoga teacher
  • Finding your own sense of self-worth and center beyond the feedback (positive or negative) from your students and the numbers in your classes

YES! I'm so excited to share all the goodies with you!