Ayurveda - Seasonal Tips and Incorporating Ayurveda into Your Teaching and Personal Life with Justine Miller - Episode 22

Ayurveda is the ancient healing tradition of India, wisdom of life and the sister science of Yoga. Justine and I have such an amazing conversation about implementing Ayurvedic tools, tips and practices to invite balance into our busy yoga teacher lives.

In this episode:

  • What Ayurveda is
  •  How to incorporate Ayurveda into your teaching, classes and daily lifestyle
  • Seasonal tips to invite balance into the body/mind
  • Tips for the overwhelmed yoga teacher
  • And more!


Justine is an Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher and Lifestyle Educator who is known for her creative sequencing and inclusive teaching style. She works with overwhelmed yoga teachers to help them create sustainable routines and seasonal offerings through Ayurveda and Yoga. 

Connect with Justine on IG @ayurvedagirl_ and


YES! I'm so excited to share all the goodies with you!