Tips to Nail Your Yoga Teacher Audition - Episode 19

Yoga studios, gyms and resorts will (most likely) require that you audition for the teaching position.

Auditioning for a teaching position is completely different from a job interview and varies across the board on what kind of audition you'll be asked to do.

In this episode:

  • What they are looking for within your sample class (voice, cues, pace, energy, sequencing, music, hands on assists, etc)
  • Tips to stand out, shine and nail your audition!
  • And the various types of auditions. Auditions can range from a 5-10 minute demo, group auditions, teaching the hiring manager or owner a private session, teaching a pretend full length class or a group of people or sending in a video of yourself teaching.



YES! I'm so excited to share all the goodies with you!