You Deserve to Take Up Space

What does it really means to ‘take up space’??

Taking up space means recognizing you have the right to be heard, use your voice, show up fully, have opinions, speak your truth, live your truth, expressing yourself and your needs without ever allowing anyone else take this away from you.

At times in my life I’ve noticed that I would dim my light for fear of being too much for others. I kept myself smaller to ‘fit in the box’.

And now I’ve made a promise to myself to never lessen who I am, to always show up fully as me, take up all the f*cking space my soul wants to take up and hopefully in return help others do the same. And if it’s too much for ya...then Byeeeeeee Felicia

In this episode:

  • What taking up space looks like
  • Questions to reflect on regarding how you are showing up in your life
  • Ways to begin taking up space today!

Let’s all inspire each other to shine brighter instead of dim your light.


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